Hi I’m Lili-Anne, for about 10 years I have been in and out of the blogging scene, going from fashion, to food, travel and other lifestyle themes. Actually Lili-Anne is the anagram of my real name, but that’s how I have been promoting myself online since I started in 2008 (woaaa, time flies ! )

I was born in raise in Paris (well, suburb exactly, but who’s picky right ?!). Since I was in middle school, my passion has always been fashion, and I studied fashion design in Paris after graduating from high school, because it was the only thing I could think of doing, that was my long time plan and that’s all what I cared about. But the true reality of fashion hit me hard after I started working in this universe. I still loved it but didn’t loved the mentality. So I took a break. With work, friends, family… life… And I decided that now I was free from any obligation (you know, the regular : study, find a job, find a house, find a husband… etc), I was going to travel the world, my second all time dream !

So I did it !

Solo, for 2 years. Went to the US (I know so exotic ! but when you come from France, it’s a dream !), Asia, Australia, Latino America. I met incredible people, lived incredible storied, found my true self, and figured out my new life plan : Food !

Food has always been a passion. Eating it, cooking it. But in France we take great food for granted and being a chef is far from being the dreamy glamorous job that it looks like now, so making a career in the food industry had never been an option, until now.

I decided I was gonna do it. So I did !

Went back to France, study culinary in the best culinary school of the country and one week later I was hired in a Michelin star Restaurant Place Vendôme in Paris. Because when you really want it.. You can do it !!

Couple of years later, life took me back to the US. I moved in the Bay Area, within a week I was hired again in a new Michelin Star restaurant. Worked there for a few week until I realised that it wasn’t what I should be doing. After all, did I moved to the other side of the world to do the same thing ? No, here I was gonna be independant and “live my dream. ”

So I started my business. A catering business, specialized in french food. for almost 5 years I grew it until making a 6 figures revenu.

Dream come true, right ? Well, not really. Working in the food industry , I got to  see how poorly ingredients and products are being treated, how most restaurants buy already made dish in cans, from big chain suppliers, how “healthy” dish we can spend $20 in, were far from being “healthy”. So I made a point of cooking everything from scratch, because “bakers gonna bake, bake, bake…” or cooks gonna cook ! And because if I have to buy 10lbs of tomato or spinach per week, it should be organic, so I would support the organic industry.

I decided to offer a menu made of organic, local, sustainable products only. Using compostable or reusable paperware, limiting my waste by using everything we buy and overall, being  a Responsible business ! But guess what… No one cares ! I had client asking me to use conventional product to reduce the price. What the Hell ?? I took part in some “sustainable, responsible food festival” and saw other vendors using those cheap, ready to use poor ingredients from those big supplier chain.

No no no, I’m a chef, I can’t go for profit over quality !!

So after 5 years of pushing my business to what seemed to be as far it can be pushed, I realised that my passion was indeed : Sustainability and food quality. 

That’s why I started this blog. To teach people how food habits can change their life, and even, how food can save their life. My house has always been processed food free and organic only. I spent years educating myself about the effects of pesticides and preservatives on our health. If no ones wanted to listen through my catering company (because they had to pay for it), well, I hope here, you guys will appreciate it, it’s free, it comes from my heart, because it’s my passion, because we could all be in so much better health by changing our food habits.

So lets dive in my journey. I will share with you my tips for a healthier life, a more responsible life, a happier life; I hope you’ll like it 🙂