Eating habits, and how I didn’t gain weight since I’m 15


I have been wanted to post an article about food for a while, since it’s a subject that is so important to me, but I always been scared to be seen as “thinking I know better”.

I am definetely not a nutritionist, or an expert in diet etc (I don’t even know what food are carbs or not), but all my life, I have been using common sens to eat (it’s the way I have been raised as well), and for the last 15 years I have maintain the same weight (with a exception when I was living abroad but that’s because I was eating a ton) while eating carbs, dairy, fat, and gluten every days. So I thought of sharing my daily food routine, and the few rules I give to myself.


1/ Only organic :

Sounds expensive and snoby ? I am deeply convinced that all the cancer, and fertility issues in our world are directly due to what we eat : Pesticide, fertilizer and chemicals through our food. A conventional apple can carry 50 pesticides, and a strawberry 45. So I decided to stop to eat them. Also, conventional products are artificially fertilized to grow faster so they don’t get as much nutrient from soil and sun, which make them pour in nutrient versus a organic one that taken all its strength from the soil. Another point is that our body can’t process chemicals, so everything unnatural from the food will be stored as fat instead of being processed by our body.

If you want more info, check out this amazing website to know exactly what you are eating. All chemicals are details one by one, it makes it very easy to understand.

2/ Non processed, no preservatives, No name that I don’t understand.

That’s simple, when I read the ingredients list of a product (like bread for example), I won’t buy it if I can’t read the name of an ingredient. They are usually chemicals  preservatives. Our body can’t process those, so it will turn them into fat.

3/ Only home made :

If I make it, I know what I put in there !  I may be old school, but I like to teach Emi that food doesn’t come out of a package, it takes time and love to be made, and that taste better. If I want a cake I make it from scratch, never buy it. I make pie crust ahead and freeze it so it’s always ready when I need some. It takes a little organisation but it’s a great activity to do with kids. And honestly I have done that my whole life (even when working 15 hours a day) so I don’t see it has a burden, but as something that is being done this way and no other.

4/ Eat 4 times a day only :

It may be a french thing, and that’s how I have been raised. We eat breakfast, lunch, one snack in the afternoon and dinner. Each meal balance a carb, dairy, veggie, protein and fruit, and we sit at a table. I am just used to it but now I really think it’s easier and healthier to eat that way. When I was pregnant I used to have very bad nausea and I was hungry absolutely all the time, I had to find something different to eat every hours (Versus every 4 hours meal like I am use to), to me that was the most exausting and anti food-loving ever.

I think an additional 5th point I could mention is my every day rhythm. I’m a chef and move a lot at work, I carry heavy things, I have to be fast… and when I don’t work I travel a lot, there again, move a lot etc… So this very active life has always helped me keeping my weight low. Although people think I have the kind of metabolism that stay thin, but not at all. A few years ago, I started to eat more and bigger portion, and I definitely gain a few pounds. I remember not being able to fit in ANY of my pants anymore that was very frustrating (also because they were my favorite pants), that’s why I really believe now in my eating habits, because it is the only way for me to maintain my weight and health.

I am not saying this is THE way to do, this fits me, and might not fit somebody else, but I wanted to share it as a exemple between so many other that you can find online.


I leave you with a few more photos of the end of our stay in San Miguel, because it was so fun and beautiful, I can’t get enough of it.

Please let me know in the comment if you have eating habits that help you keeping your ideal weight, i would love to know other people technique.




Park Benito Juarez in San Miguel de Allende

Dress Manoush from a year ago, but more here

Shoes Castaner can find them here or here or here or on their website


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