Farmers Market day

To be honest, walking around the farmers market with a stroller isn’t really the most practical and easy thing in the world ( specially at 11am on saturday when the market is at its busiest). But I still do it because , 1/ my son loves to grab peach and hold them for the whole time, 2/ it’s the most sustainable and ethical grocery shopping kind.

Prices are slightly the same than in my grocery store so it doesn’t make such a different at that point, but I know that my money will go to the farmer directly instead of being shared between a bunch of companies (farmers, wholesaler, store…). Plus, I get to try all the fruit before buying them so I know exactly what I buy!

Being a chef ( yep that’s my real job 😉) I know so much how better it is to buy one delicious organic seasonable tomato than 10 averages in winter. Not only the nutrients are much stronger in the organic one but the taste as nothing to do eather. And for real, when love as been put into food ( during the growing or the cooking process) it DOES make a whole difference 🤗

So there I let you with my saturday morning farmers market session

Also I would love to know if you guys go to the farmers market too and why you like it ! Have a good week !









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