Morning Routine

Ho Hello !

My name is Lili-Anne, I’m new here !

Well actually not exactly. I have been blogging about travel since 2008 but had to take a long break due to major life changes.

But now I have settle down in my new life, I decided to come back and start a new blog, this time about what run my life every day : Living a comfortable and nice life with a minimal carbon footprint. That’s why I called it “Minimal & Style”.

I am far from being a real minimalist, but I tried as much as I can to not consume more than necessary and stay as environment friendly as I can. And when I see article about it, it often don’t make me want to copy them because they completely lack of style, and people seem to live too much Off the grid.

I want to show that you can live a simple life, respect the environment, respect your own health, but have nice things around you, with beautiful travel and cool outfit.

I hope you’ll like it and that you will keep visiting once in a while. I would love to hear your comment and opinion and what you would be interested in knowing more about.

But since it’s my first post here, let’s start like a new morning freshly waking up.

I decided to share with you my morning routine.6

I’m older than you think. And everybody always ask me how I do to keep looking younger than my age. I don’t think it’s very complicated, and it’s not even a secret, so here is what I do :

My day always start the same way. When I wake up, the very first thing I do is washing my face with cold water. It make my face wake up in a second. Then I take advantage to moisturize.

Moisturizing is THE most important thing you can do for your face. If their is only one thing, THIS is the one you can never miss. Actually I really don’t have that many beauty tricks, but those two (cold water and moisturize) are my favorites.

I always use Lush product, and lately I have been using “Skin drink“. It has a nice skin color tons so I don’t even have to use foundation. Although with the very hot days lately, I find it a little heavy, but I make sure to massage the product on my skin long enough to loose the shinny aspect.


The first thing I put in my stomach, is a big glass of water with a few drops of lemon. This is a great way to hydrate myself and get a little antioxidant, and since my stomach is empty, it goes right in the good place in my body.

Then I would put water to boil and in the mean time I pick up my outfit for the day (I usually don’t get the chance to get dressed right away but at least I know what I will wear when I will), once it’s ready, I drink a big cup of tea with milk and sugar (I got this habits from when I was living in Australia). This is the only thing I am picky about, I am so used to it. I only drink black tea with milk and sugar, just can’t drink it any other way…. I know I’m annoying 


All that happen in a very short amount of time (like 10 minutes), because then I have to take care of my 10 months old baby, and that phase will take a while !!

Once he is done with breakfast and we have done a little clean up (diaper, clothes etc etc), I let him play for a little bit while I do my make up and actually get dressed (well not always, sometimes I have to wait for nap time to be able to get dressed)


Here is the link to get more info about Lush. I love this brand so much as their product are handmade and avoid parabens, chloride and other chemical bad for us and the environment.

Let me know in the comment what is your morning routine, or your beauty trick, I am curious to know about you too.


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